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  Wolfvision eye-12                                                                         Technical details: WolfVision EYE-12.Presentation, Collaboration & Visualizer Systems – WolfVision GmbH   WolfVision EYE is a […]


Wolfvision eye-12


Technical details: WolfVision EYE-12.Presentation, Collaboration & Visualizer Systems – WolfVision GmbH


WolfVision EYE is a high resolution “live picture” camera. The Wolfvision EYE provides basically the exact same benefits and options whilst the fundamental model “EYE”, but has additional connection options and features. EYE SCB 12/ English: HTML: Description of Authentication VZ-9plus 3 VZ-C12 3 VZ-C32 3 VZ-P18 VZ-P 12/ English/Deutsch: PDF: Description of built-in webserver EYE SCB 12/ English: HTML: Information of Authentication VZ-9plus (with s/no and higher) VZ-C12 2 (with s/no and higher) VZ-C32 (with s/no. Explanation The WolfVision EYE may be the top grade camera with enhanced connectivity which are often useful for different real time picture presentation programs, also as a lesser listed option to a Ceiling Visualizer. The EYE features a high resolution 1-CCD image sensor that guarantees the capture of top quality picture : 1/3″ advanced Scan CCD.


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WolfVision EYE – meeting digital camera overview and complete item specifications on CNET. WolfVision EYE 1CCD SXGAp HD High Resolution Live Image Camera Top quality CCD camera with x pixels at 30 frames per second! 30 non-interlaced fps with practically no difference between the smoothness of motion when compared with PAL/NTSC camcorders. Nevertheless the quality is Camera: 1-CCD 1/3″. WolfVision is a number one global developer and maker of award-winning cordless presentation, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing methods and solutions. Our Cynap and Visualizer systems are employed globally, by leading universities and other educational institutions, in business meeting spaces during presentations, group meetings, web seminars.
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WolfVision EYE – conference camera Specs – CNET

We’d the Wolfvision EYE camera available as a test unit. Its made for real time picture presentations , e. While the digital cameras are relatively heavy, we recommend fitting all of them vertically into the picture interface.

It’s also possible to set up the digital camera on the eyepiece pipe or on a part picture slot, but careful attention should then be paid to making certain the digital camera is well supported. If you’re interested in an adapter solution, please contact us. It’s very well made and contains a permanently integrated wide angle lens. Away from microscopy, it delivers an excellent picture quality with constant autofocus also provides extensive configurations options directly on the digital camera :.

Nonetheless, when using it for microscopy applications , certain trade-offs have to be produced in terms of picture high quality , because the camera lens may not be eliminated. As a whole, the contact is not required in photomicrography. This is why working more complicated, as the image part can be customized somewhat using the zoom lens. The maximum zoom environment associated with lens is when no peripheral darkening vignetting from the pipe side can be seen.

We have developed a special LM digital adapter rendering it feasible to realize a higher image quality with a Wolfvision EYE or EYE camera attached with a microscope or macroscope, despite the integrated lens.

Peripheral darkening vignetting is seen when you look at the image within the wide angle setting associated with the 12x contact lens. In the event that zoom setting is changed, the circle vanishes in addition to picture is portrayed as desired in full framework.

Then set the integrated lens of this digital camera to your infinity place while focusing the image your self via the microscope. The camera has a fantastic amount of connection choices. This will make it feasible to utilize modern-day, high-resolution monitors and projectors. For optimum utilization of complete HD screens, but, a notably greater sensor quality will be beneficial Wolfvision EYE 1, x this is implemented within the next generation of cameras with all the Wolfvision EYE as a result of completely incorporated lens filter thread 46 mm the digital camera loses flexibility for use in microscopy and macroscopy.

Cameras with a compatible lens mount are better suited to focusing on microscopes and macroscopes, as the lens is certainly not in itself required for this type of application since the LM digital adapters take over the optical adjustment. The digital camera Wolfvision EYE is sold with a comprehensive software. Images and movies can certainly be conserved directly to the hard disk of a pc. In addition, it is possible to include tags and opinions to the pictures. The Wolfvision EYE is a wonderful multifunction camera, specifically for live presentations.

In addition, it gives a big variety of connection choices and is sold with an excellent software program. Once the cameras tend to be somewhat heavy, they must be applied to a vertical photo tube where possible. An interchangeable lens would make the camera considerably more flexible, plus it would additionally be simpler to utilize it in the microscope. For anyone who wants to work exclusively in the microscope or macroscope, we recommend a camera system with an interchangeable lens-mount.

As yet we have hesitated to execute any examinations with your cameras, as quite simply we had been organized by the possible lack of a compatible lens fitting. Away from microscopy, it delivers a fantastic picture high quality with continuous autofocus also offers extensive settings options directly on the camera : Zoom Autofocus versus.