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  Why i hate microsoft                                                                         Have to print shipping labels on your web site?.Why is indeed there plenty hatred […]


Why i hate microsoft


Have to print shipping labels on your web site?.Why is indeed there plenty hatred towards Microsoft these days? – Quora


Historically, people hated Microsoft because: They exploited its Windows monopoly to charge high prices and limit competition. They made low quality software. There was an interior saying “Shipping is a feature”, meaning, just get the same task They made their existing computer software worse. Windows ME. Updated two years ago · Author has actually answers and 1M solution views. Because of the endless disputes, blue screens of demise, incompatible hardware and pc software, very puzzling configurations and hackers attacking their Windows environment nonstop. To be reasonable to . Jul 18,  · Why I HATE Microsoft! Pin. Lock. 2 Suggested Responses 2 Replies 65 Upvotes. I will be a Chrome lover, their ‘biggest fan’! I happened to be a beta tester in the past when. Got new comp and it is filled up with Microsoft every thing, including Edge which I absolutely LOATHE and certainly will totally erase when my Chrome is back in – but that’s it – Edge enables the download, but.


Why i hate microsoft.Do you hate Microsoft? – CNET

3 Factors why we Hate Windows # 1 — The War on Privacy.. Let’s begin with one of the more obvious ones when Windows 10 initially came away; there was clearly a large #2 — Constant Driving of Proprietary computer software.. We know Microsoft desires us to make use of their items, that is no key. # 3 — Windows Upgrade. Jul 18,  · Why I HATE Microsoft! Pin. Lock. 2 Suggested Responses 2 Replies 65 Upvotes. I am a Chrome fan, their ‘biggest fan’! I was a beta tester long ago whenever. Got brand new comp and it is filled up with Microsoft every little thing, including Edge which I absolutely LOATHE and certainly will completely erase as soon as my Chrome is back in – but that’s it – advantage enables the install, but. Updated 2 years ago · Author has actually responses and 1M response views. Due to the limitless conflicts, blue displays of death, incompatible equipment and software, very confusing settings and hackers attacking their Windows environment nonstop. Becoming fair to .
How to proceed once you hate Windows 10
1. Keep it, but make some changes
Microsoft. We hate you so-so MUCH. : sysadmin
We hate you microsoft
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Additional information on the principles are found in the wiki. Kindly take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions , which includes lists of subreddits, webpages, books, and other articles of interest that every sysadmin should review! Checkout the Wiki Users tend to be urged to donate to and grow our Wiki. So you should be a sysadmin? Certified IRC Channel – reddit-sysadmin on irc. Rant Microsoft. I cannot even commence to describe the amount of absolute and adulterated loathing I possess for you Microsoft.

I could scarcely get Outlook to pull open any email box without the need to start it in safe mode and I’ve never witnessed a far more crash-happy type of succeed. I’m now taking out my tresses just to deliver basic emails to consumers. I’ve never ever been less productive during my life. We have never ever invested a great deal time troubleshooting and retooling OS and computer software installs EVER simply to have easy things function.

Congratulations Microsoft. Your pc software makes me hate life itself. This really fixed an issue I had Friday. My begin selection, control board, and taskbar all ended working arbitrarily. It absolutely was working about a minute, aftermath from rest minutes later on, nothing some thing like this fixed it temporarily, followed ome guide to log into another computer account Then following reboot it stopped working once more. Bloomfield i cpu.. This sound familiar? Physically we suspect they made a decision to eliminate Bloomfield with fire.

We’ve an equivalent issue which has been showing up constantly because the Anniversary update. A minimum of ours is straightforward to diagnose and fix with just the big event log and a nearby admin, but we average a call every couple weeks upon it. Just for curiosity’s benefit. Approximately exactly what do you really see during the eventlog?.. Anniversary inform was probably whenever it smashed in my situation initially also. It’s a pretty vocal one, filling the program wood with several mistakes each and every minute so long as any person it’s logged in.

Some of the errors point to a cache file when you look at the Administrator user profile. Deleting the affected file immediately restores functionality. The error hoses overall performance as a whole, however the initial thing either the caller or answering technology notices — practically universally — is “the Start Menu fails. Not necessarily this really is a surface i5. It absolutely was so bizzare. Yet another thing I noticed was it was really laggy to open the first occasion after login.

I really could totally see dropping persistence within that 10 seconds and click some other place before it unsealed. Although that wasn’t my problem. It happened once more but I restored it. I do believe Lightroom is fucking with me, dammit adobe and your dpi bugs.

I really had it fix an issue these days, when I tried to click include to add a bunch towards the security properties of a folder i acquired an error message. I recently started sfc to offer myself a justification to take some slack and head to meal.

Imagine my shock when I returned and it had fixed the matter. I had it fix “issues” but never really had it actually fix the problem We went it for.

It is such a fucking cop out to actually correcting the matter. It repaired a. nevertheless can not think it. Someday, AI will replace us and after per week of troubleshooting workplace issues, an admin comes into play to locate that the AI gave up and formatted itself. But what if I do n’t need is changed by a suicidal AI?

May I at the very least stay and hang out with it? Indeed, but it may erroneously deduce that you are the origin associated with the errors, and discover a method to format you. Sysadmin 0 things 1 point 2 points 24 months ago 0 children. What exactly is the situation with systemd? It reminds me more of Windows Services in ways to configure it and just how it spawns processes and I also believe it is a lot easier to work alongside systemd than many other init methods.

I’d also, but I do not possess energy to grow my skills in the home, and I also never touch it at the job various staff. Our network is really quick. So many QOL improvements in my situation the admin, therefore small desire to spend from management. 1 / 2 of our backend is linux based, they’re tossing cash away continuing to license our Windows server for Active Directory. I am just planning to acknowledge which I misread your remark and believed you stated “I’d want to do more Linux” or “I would want to learn more Linux” or something like that like this.

I might like to discover more Linux also though We have similar problems with my spare time away from work. We try to find some learning in to my occasional downtime at work. God this is certainly so real, and such a difficult fact to come quickly to terms with. I am therefore grateful I got away from house windows for the most part, and yet I’m gradually coming to comprehend that VMware has its own number of problems they foist on us, and I need to tell myself that when it wasn’t because of this, I’dn’t be making the truly great salary We make.

We initially check this out as “a great deal of us wouldn’t have disease” came hear after reading about Paul Allen’s passing and was confused for an additional, but then Microsoft items are needs to resemble the shitty half-baked pc software that foreign companies would attempt to offer one to make the one thing or another simpler. The application rooms would constantly look amazing and would install with an endeavor lock on it.

You’d make use of the computer software featuring its limitations and feel impressed by what you could get done only if you had the entire variation. Just then were you aware that the application doesnt really work any better, its filled with insects, crashes at the very least 3 times a day, support is pointless, half the device figures you call dont work, they inadvertently published the repayment for your card twice and help passes never have followed up on. Turns out you must uninstall the outdated variation because it wont upgrade smoothy and after getting done you will find that the files you created arent compatible using the brand-new variation.

Im pretty sure Microsoft has outsourced each of their coding for some firm in Asia which couldn’t provide two shits about whether their rule really works or gets tested. Coding isnt any such thing they take pleasure in. They may be basically just sweatshop employees who make cheap rule maintain the bills paid. That said, I dont have anywhere close to the issues OP described when i have, it had been due to some third party plug-in in Outlook which is conflicting with the inform.

If microsoft is reading this, be sure to build GPU support into excel. Crunching pivot tables with half a million articles and k rows takes means longer than it must on my Ryzen. Its guys.. GPU support would be great Yeah, but simply how much do you like this brand new level UI on all workplace applications these days? Actually looks good back at my double 27″ screens, and all the giant flat buttons with one pixel broad edges reminds me personally of running afterstep on my old 20″ monochrome X terminal. We hate to say it dude, but if you’ve got very much data, perhaps succeed isn’t suitable tool for the job No need to hate saying it.

When your payment workplace system only outputs in CSV, you do the greatest you can easily. I realize the old saying ‘large spreadsheets typically is access databases and most big accessibility databases must certanly be sql databases’ :. Essentially MS has accepted the cloud while the future, successfully managing their former leading products as simple terminals. Efficiently the industry is quickly reverting into the realm of mainframes, only with some extremely fat pipes and terminals hanging off them The Office framework for plugins is in fact damaged.

It constantly is, and constantly is likely to be. Through the entire whole history of computers here hasn’t been a plug-in that did not sometimes crash any office product it integrates with.

It’s probably an assortment of plugin authors becoming terrible and generational modifications. I am tilting towards more plugin authors becoming terrible. If the plugin framework ended up being precisely written, also a broken plug-in could maybe not trigger damage beyond the plug-in. Varies according to exactly what you suggest by properly written. In this situation the plugin, if it fails to load, has you operate Outlook in safe mode to help you change the connect in-off.

Or just does not weight the plug-in the next time. They have to deal with a hopeless framework. For instance, the plugins need to run-in the UI bond. Meaning that the UI will freeze while the plug-in tranfers any information over the system, which can be instead the idea of all plugins to begin with. If Outlook in safe mode is steady, it seems for me like a plug-in unique for your environment might be causing it.

We’re maybe not seeing any instability. Same right here. I’d wager OP has actually some addin that’s messin with him.