G flex 2 overheat.How to fix LG G Flex 2 Overheating dilemmas

  G flex 2 overheat                                                                         The existing processor chip version in the LG G Flex 2 nevertheless has actually […]


G flex 2 overheat


The existing processor chip version in the LG G Flex 2 nevertheless has actually issues.LG H G Flex2 AT&T Curved Smartphone (Silver) | LG U.S.A.


Is thermal paste a way to fix the overheating on my LG G Flex 2? I’dn’t advise messing with thermal paste in a phone. Phones can overheat for several kinds of factors – exorbitant CPU usage is probably the major cause, but you will find integral thermal protection safeguards which will often throttle the Central Processing Unit to lower performance condition or the product will shutdown completely. Apr 03,  · Re: LG G Flex 2 Overheating ‎ AM a good thing for those who’re having the exact same problem using this handset is to report it to your producer, LG and bypass Vodafone, maybe the fault will likely then be more investigated correctly and a solution discovered, seems like it’s an inherent fault using the phone. Feb 16,  · in addition to that, makers like LG (who uses the processor chip because of its G Flex 2 device) have actually stepped ahead saying that the processor chip does not suffer from overheating dilemmas whatsoever.


G flex 2 overheat.LG denies G Flex 2 and Snapdragon overheating dilemmas

Re: LG G Flex 2 Overheating ‎ PM i simply want to be guranteed that after i walk into the store this saturday i’ll be guranteed a different design phone preferably a galaxy s6, i dont want to waste more time. Apr 03,  · Re: LG G Flex 2 Overheating ‎ AM The best thing for those that are getting the exact same problem with this specific handset would be to report it to your manufacturer, LG and bypass Vodafone, maybe the fault will then be more investigated precisely and a solution found, may seem like its an inherent fault with all the phone. Is thermal paste a method to fix the overheating back at my LG G Flex 2? I would personallyn’t advise messing with thermal paste in a phone. Phones can overheat for several sorts of factors – exorbitant Central Processing Unit usage has become the major cause, but you will find integral thermal protection safeguards which will either throttle the Central Processing Unit to lower overall performance state or the device will shutdown altogether.
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This can be a closed archive and content for this page may not depend on date. These posts and threads have-been archived for research only. Hi everybody.. Had my GFlex 2 for approximately 2 weeks today and I had been wondering if anyone else had a concern with it overheating.. Mine will randomly get very warm and end responding. In a few cases the telephone will you need to be during my pocket and heat up to a quite uncomfortable temperature..

I’ve asked the great client solutions visitors to take the phone in for a look but had been wondering if anyone had an identical knowledge?

LG denied overheating dilemmas earlier within the 12 months going from a couple of articles we read. If it is becoming a concern it seems like you are taking place the right route already with client services. Wonder what that means? Allow you to discover how it carries out What wonders a factory reset may do to a phone! I was under the impression the alleged overheats were firmware related. It may be VF have a patched firmware for anyone who encounters overheats in an attempt to fix things.

Paul – Blogger at imwellconfused. I review devices, services and products in partnership with Vodafone British on imwellconfused uk.

Everything I post here is not associated or supported by Vodafone British. I had it straight back a month or more plus it however gets quite warm.. Strangely often as it pertains into experience of a wi fi network it is in a position to connect to.. Phone is a bit less laggy it used to be and there were a few computer software revisions in the meantime. I am witnessing the exact samething.

We additionally notice that the electric battery life drains extremly quickly whenever it overheats additionally. These days I was completely recharged and unplugged at , by with reasonable to light use and many instances of warming up my pocket, it was in battery pack save mode. When it can take place we have a tendency to shut straight down as many regarding the apps when I can. You mustn’t have to do this nonetheless it helps. I favor the curve from the product, but its truly not stable enough for serious use. I’m asking for an upgraded, will let you discover how it goes Mine still heats and decelerates but less often then it used to..

Kindly do i’d like to know just how you will get on. Something i have noticed is that it tends to heat up more just as we come into range of the wifi at home.. Whether it is trying to update some applications and warming up from this is certainly something I think I might research exceedingly hot on and off yesterday.. Battery did appear to empty quite rapidly as well. It absolutely was therefore hot I couldn’t place it next to my face also it took 3 minutes only to talk about the dialer app and try and connect to Vodafone buyer solutions..

Have actually spoken for them once again in addition they’ve asked us to go on it set for repair works once again Phone came back this early morning.. Overheated twice It really is going back all over again to Vodafone for repair.. The vodafone store said that it’s likely i shall get a replacement Flex 2 but what if this phone shows similar overheating problem since the initial? I phoned up buyer solutions as well as suggested I phone Vodafone Trade in but that’s uesless as:.

It is only been over 30 days since I took aside an agreement with Vodafone and though customer services and the Vodafone shop have already been fab, I am just starting to get slightly annoyed. Are you able to get another different phone phone in the event that replacement shows the same issues whilst the original? Anyone from Vodafone ready to review. I really like the device but i am getting completely fed up of experiencing to take it out of my pocket at random times and making it in the great outdoors to cool down.

Thanks for the reply.. My ultimate concern is.. For example i am using my old HTC one whilst the phone is away plus it doesn’t heat up at all and I’m using it just as I happened to be with the Flex g2. I’ve the exact same concern. My phone is all about 4 weeks outdated also, I hadn’t realised it is possible to return and eventually request another type of phone kind within a 14 day period.

My research also points to the Snap Dragron processor being at fault. We’m about to send my phone in these days and what I requested is that I’m informed what they is going to do so that they can correct it.

If, when I suspect, it’s going to be to put on additional throttling to the CPU I quickly do not see this appropriate. Finally this may slow the response of this phone more. I shall wait to see what the results are over the in a few days. If the outcome is not desirable I quickly’ll be pursuing further activity. We haven’t been made alert to this becoming a known issue. We are going to simply be able to provide a repair. I’m having the identical issues as everyone else on this web page.

Honestly a disgrace that the LG G Flex 2 is being offered. I have delivered it set for restoration plus it came ultimately back with the same dilemmas. I’ve now sent it in for repair an extra time and just by everyone else that has done the same on this page I’ve very little hope it’s going to return being employed as expected, therefore I’m deciding on using additional action unless Vodafone give me personally the option of switching model entirely.

I ask everyone who is having difficulty with this particular phone to touch upon this bond or speak to Vodafone about it so one thing gets done. Its a total shambles and makes me personally extremely upset as I are investing in Vodafone to continuously restore disfunctional phone that I won’t ever get to use.

You can observe more details on our warranty assistance page. We’re only in a position to send your phone down for the next restoration. Indeed but exactly how many times can you realistically sent my phone down for repair in case it is demonstrably not complement function.

Its a disgrace that you are not even acknowledging that there’s a definite problem with this model phone let alone make an effort to do just about anything about it. I will become needing to simply take additional action. I have been in touch with LG.. they will have informed mne that as it’s a recently available device they usually haven’t heard of reaccuring dilemmas but also to come back straight to them if We have no luck with Vodafone..

I really hope Vodafone can fix this issue and if this is the exact same using the replacement handset I will reasses my options then.. I will additionally observe how most are getting a tad annoyed as I’m begining to beleive that there might be significant difficulties with the processor in this phone just can you end trying to kick this underneath the carpet, there is a problem which should be addressed therefore the customer service has-been useless making no attempt to do just about anything and even try to assist.

A good thing for all those who are having the same issue using this type of device would be to report it to your producer, LG and bypass Vodafone, perhaps the fault will likely then be further investigated properly and a solution found, seems like it really is an inherent fault using the phone. Vodafone but just isn’t exemt from offering to displace the device under warrantee and should never be telling you that they’ll only replace it with the same design, in my opinion that under customer Law they’ve been necessary to ‘supply the same or a replacement of the identical specification’.

Regulations is that they must provide an item complement function which this phone demonstrably is certainly not despite having vodafone’s pathetic tries to attempt to fix all of them. Therefore vodafone lawfully do not have to change the phone for starters of the identical model if it doesnt work.

Legally consequently we must both bbe permitted to cancel our agreements or perhaps given an unusual design phone by vodafone. If vodafone dont show any decency and simply take one of these simple actions over the following two weeks i’ll be forced to visit an ombudsman. Switch on suggestions. Auto-suggest can help you quickly narrow straight down your search outcomes by recommending possible suits while you type. Showing results for. Search rather for.

Do you indicate:. LG G Flex 2 Overheating. The warmth constantly generally seems to begin from the top of the phone and work it’s way-down?

See more choices. Vodafone customer since trying to help where I can on the Community. It’s been at the restoration centre for about 5 hours and is shortly becoming returned. Will discover how it goes.. Have abandoned the case as that appeared to capture the heat as well Hello Vince, i am seeing the actual samething. Hi Nick, Mine nevertheless heats and slows down but less often it used to.. The story is I phoned up customer services and additionally they suggested we phone Vodafone Trade in but that is uesless as: a They don’t have even the LG G Flex 2 listed as well as basically explained they occur to recycle old phones.

Thanks, Jenny. Hi Jenny, thank you for the response.. Best wishes Vince.