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Oct 13,  · The The Evil Within 2 Cast. Sebastian Castellanos. voiced by Marqus Bobesich and 1 other. Juli Kidman. voiced by Meg Saricks and 1 other. Lily Castellanos. voiced by Kiara Lisette Gamboa and 1 other. Myra Castellanos. voiced by Elizabeth Saydah and 1 other. Sebastian Castellanos (voice) Meg Saricks Juli Kidman (voice) Kiara Lisette Gamboa Lily Castellanos (voice) (as Kiara Gamboa) Elizabeth Saydah Myra Castellanos (voice) Richard Neil. 15 rows · Oct 14,  · Cast overview, very first billed only: Anson Mount Sebastian Castellanos (voice) Jennifer /10(3K).


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Sebastian Castellanos (voice) Meg Saricks Juli Kidman (voice) Kiara Lisette Gamboa Lily Castellanos (voice) (as Kiara Gamboa) Elizabeth Saydah Myra Castellanos (voice) Richard Neil. Jackie Earle Haley may be the English dub vocals of Ruvik into the Evil Within, and Toshihiko Seki may be the Japanese sound. Game: The Evil Within Franchise Newest News. The Barbarian plus the Troll Voice Cast and Trailer Gogeta SS4 Joins in Dragon Ball FighterZ Trailer Elliot from planet Voice Cast and Trailer assume a young child English Dub Cast. Oct 13,  · Here’s All Characters Voice Actors And Their Voice Lines regarding the Evil Within 2Do you recognize any voice actor? Where do your recognize them from? The Evil.

The Evil Within 2 (game ) – complete Cast & Crew – IMDb

We have rounded up our most expected new and returning TV shows you cannot miss out on, all premiering in summer time begin to see the full record. Watch the movie. Have a look at this collection of photographs we love from some of the most popular game titles. See our video gaming Guide for lots more. Begin to see the complete gallery. While investigating the scene of a cruel murder, investigator Sebastian Castellanos is knocked unconscious by a mysterious and effective power.

As he awakens, he locates himself in a deranged globe. I have played numerous survival scary games through the years, nevertheless the two franchises many people know are Resident Evil and quiet Hill. This game comes with components of each of those franchises, but features an adequate amount of its own allure to stand highly by itself merits.

Though maybe not perfect at all; however, neither are lots of of this games in the Resident Evil and quiet Hill series. I prefer quiet Hill, myself, and I will say this game has more elements from that team than Resident Evil.

The horror is intense and it’s also just crazy while you just don’t know what will occur next or where you stand likely to emerge at. Having said that, we sorts of knew what was taking place, I would personally compare it to a film, however that could hand out a bit too much concerning the land therefore I will not say just what film this kind of is reminiscent of if said film had a horror slant to it.

The story has an investigator along with his lover along with a novice investigator operating to their option to an emotional institution. Once they make it, they’re going in only to discover a bloodbath as numerous officers and health practitioners and nurses set about the spot, dead. Really, the investigator goes into an area and watches safety footage of what’s going on and very quickly discovers himself in person with a strange hooded man which incapacitates the detective just who then awakens locate himself in some type of slaughter-house kind environment.

He must flee a chainsaw wielding maniac and slides down a blood soaked slide finding himself within the sewer where in actuality the maniac once again chases him therefore the detective shortly finds himself getting out of the mental hospital and then discover himself in a crumbling city!

All of this occurs prior to the title is shown! After this you need certainly to help the investigator through a warped world where things can transform at a moment’s notice and where from time to time you seem to be within the past or in a medical center where a strangely creepy but appealing nursing assistant resides.

The game play is a bit just like the Last of Us or perhaps the Uncharted series as you possibly can do sneak kills are enter, guns blazing. You may also hide in lockers or under beds, but beyond the opening scene the spot where you must escape the chainsaw man, i must say i did not see much need to employ this feature. Like loads of games that car save, often it can it quite frequently while other times you need to discuss an extremely big area once again.

This does not happen too often, but it is annoying when it does. You could save when you look at the odd hospital area with all the nursing assistant and also this is where you can easily upgrade your equipment and tools and yourself using this green fluid that you occasionally find in jars and sometimes can gather from dropped enemies.

The overall game does enable you to conform to exactly what you like performing most because by the end I was shooting the enemies in the leg then setting them in fire as a match is nearly better than a round in that one! Therefore it was a fairly fun game, but like the majority of horror flicks and games, it just doesn’t be great sufficient to position a This one, we played through, win the overall game whilst still being have actually way too many questions remaining unanswered.

I really believe several concerns could be answered if I purchase DLC packs, but i simply don’t think I should need certainly to purchase whatever else after buying the online game! What was the offer utilizing the creepy but precious nurse? The thing that was the deal utilizing the detective and his wife and daughter you held getting strange snippets of throughout the online game? Just a couple of concerns that the ending of the online game just ignores and departs you dangling. Still, it was good game that annoyed me every so often and startled me once or twice also so it did its job generally speaking.

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Use the HTML below. You should be an authorized user to make use of the IMDb rating plugin. The online Horrors See even more polls ». See all 23 videos ». See all 84 photographs ». Edit Cast Cast summary, first billed only: Anson Mount Sebastian Castellanos voice Jennifer Carpenter Juli Kidman vocals Jackie Earle Haley Ruvik vocals Yuri Lowenthal Joseph Oda sound Daniel Riordan Ivan Diaz vocals Laura Post Laura Monster voice Alastair James Edit Storyline While investigating the scene of a cruel murder, detective Sebastian Castellanos is knocked involuntary by a mysterious and effective force.

Plot Keywords: cataclysm japanese horror problem madman monsters See All 38 ». Taglines: Evil Takes Hold See more ». Certification: M See all certifications ». Moms and dads Guide: View content advisory ». Edit Did You Know? See more ». Quotes Joseph Oda : Sebastian, you ever had the desire to just jump Just picture in the event that you had that desire for one minute straight. Then two minutes Horrible Monster Man See more ». Was this analysis useful to you? Yes No Report this.

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