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Bing convert widget mac


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Apr 11,  · Recommended Answer. I looked at the TOS and also this is not covered. My comprehension is Google doesn’t prohibit the utilization. After the introduction of this “native translate ” into Chrome web browser, Google ended giving support to the widget. I might also recommend to go ahead and change to the ” native web browser translate “. Oct 15,  · we’m utilizing the google convert widget on a single of my sites because of the following google supplied code: (Mac OS X) 0. Bing internet site Translator – Waiting for translation to finish before displaying page. Bing convert – Disable translating of an integral part of my text. Just how to access the most suitable `this` inside a callback? 5. Google Translate Widget for your Website. Add Translator Widget for your webpages, and supply use of instant translation in the pages. Including the translator widget is quick and easy. Copy and paste the code snippet below into the pages, amongst the and the tags. In case the site utilizes templates, you’ll be able to duplicate the rule to your template, therefore the translator widget can look on all .


Bing translate widget mac.Google Translate

Google Translate Widget for your site. Include Translator Widget for your webpages, and provide access to instant translation from the pages. Adding the translator widget is easy and quick. Copy and paste the rule snippet below into your pages, between the plus the tags. When your web site makes use of templates, you can even copy the signal to your template, therefore the translator widget can look on all . Google’s free service instantly translates terms, phrases, and webpages between English and over other languages. Translate Widget no-cost grab – Bing Translate, iTunes words Widget, Stratus widget, and many other programs.
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Join Stack Overflow to learn, share understanding, and build your career. Connect and share understanding within just one place this is certainly structured and simple to locate. I’m utilising the google translate widget on one of my web sites with the after google provided code:.

My issue: The translate runs following the web page has filled but I likewise have a script that automobile sizes my primary navigation elements based on their width. This operates just before the convert has finished so that it resizes considering untranslated English labels. When the translate has changed the navigation wording, the navigation elements should be resized to suit the newly translated words since they are apt to be different size width to the English.

I have attempted calling the Bing translate code before We run the code to resize the main navigation however the translate runs asynchronously so my signal operates ahead of the convert is total. Is there a callback event raised whenever translation is total or a way to detect once the interpretation is full , so I can wait before I try to resize the navigation? Fundamentally, keep checking if a known piece of text has changed in this situation it’s the very first product into the navigation block.

Whether it’s altered that means the translator has run, operate the code you’ll want to follow the translation initNav here. The disadvantage is the fact that occasion is beeing fired multiple times since google convert does multiple alterations in the procedure. An indicator is to detect modifications from the final element on your web page, cause then you definitely know all elements above is converted.

Stack Overflow for Teams — Collaborate and share understanding with an exclusive group. Create a free Team what exactly is Teams? Get the full story. Asked 8 years, 7 months ago. Active two years, 8 months ago. Viewed 9k times. I do not have any example things you could attempt to add a function call within googleTranslateElementInit..? Tried that Eric, same problem with calling google translate before my rule.

It operates asynchronously so returns from the yahoo. TranslateElement call immediately ie just before the translation has actually finished – we’ll update my question — RichardAtHome Oct 15 ’12 at truthfully I would rather see an illustration where it operates. What you can do is place a breakpoint during the ‘new google.

Include a comment. Energetic Oldest Votes. I keep examining for alterations in instance an individual chooses another language. It’s not perfect, nevertheless it works for myself Note: in a lot of situations a bit of text specifically selection items might continue to be unchanged after translation e. Not sure if this strategy will continue to work then. Anders Fryksborn Anders Fryksborn 11 1 1 bronze badge. Hitesh Prajapati Hitesh Prajapati 11 2 2 bronze badges. You should increase explanation as to what’s happening here, and what this signal can do — OliverRadini Sep 17 ’18 at Sign up or sign in subscribe using Google.

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