Asus wl-330n3g.ASUS WL-330N3G 6-in-1 Cordless N Cellphone Router

  Asus wl-330n3g                                                                         Clients whom viewed this item also viewed.: Customer reviews: ASUS Mbps 6 Mode-in-1 Portable Router (WLN3G) […]


Asus wl-330n3g


Clients whom viewed this item also viewed.: Customer reviews: ASUS Mbps 6 Mode-in-1 Portable Router (WLN3G)


ASUS WLN3G Wireless Router Utilities is a robust application this is certainly specifically tailored to help people get a package really fit when it comes to installation and configuration of an ASUS router. The. Asus Design Center ASUSPRO Automotive Systems Support Check Repair Reputation Discover Provider Stores Item Registration Email United States Contact Us Safety Advisory ASUS Help Videos MyASUS About Us About ASUS. Feb 27,  · The ASUS WLN3G is a really functional and powerful product due to its size and purpose as a travel router. It is easy to place the WLN3G into a lot of different modes%(6).


Asus wl-330n3g.ASUS WLN3G 6-in-1 Wireless N Cellphone Router Reviews | TechSpot

ASUS WLN3G 6-in-1 Wireless-N Mobile Router, world’s tiniest multi-role unit, can be utilized as router, access point, repeater, media adapter, hotspot account sharing and 3G sharing,that is a full cordless router made for those on the road, specifically businessmen, commuters, pupils and mobile professionals/5(). Nov 07,  · So, I got this ASUS WLN3G 6-in-1 Wireless-N Mobile Router unit mainly coz it works as a repeater for another wifi system as well as the vacation size and USB charge connection/5. Feb 12,  · ASUS WLN3G This device isn’t RECOMMENDED for future usage with OpenWrt because of reduced flash/ram. NEVER BUY DEVICES WITH 4MB FLASH / 32MB RAM in the event that you intend to flash an up-to-date and safe OpenWrt variation ( or later on) about it! See 4/32 warning for details.
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The organization receives excellent scars with regards to their ease of setup and dependability. With WLN brings you high transportation and versatility in keeping connecting, particularly when traveling. Loaded with an easy to use graphical graphical user interface, the WLN3G is simple to setup and control, even for everyone less knowledgeable about wireless designs.

Its footprint is smaller compared to credit cards, which makes it very simple to carry and literally pocket size, but not at the expense of functionality.

This can be a complete cordless router created for those on the road, especially entrepreneurs, commuters, students and mobile experts. Complies aided by the IEEE Create home or office wireless companies with up to 18x the speed and 6x the product range of standard love data transfer intensive HD motion picture and music streaming, VoIP calls, on line gaming and much more, effortlessly and lag-free with no worry of information reduction over large areas.

This intuitive router setup suggests people won’t need to read through long manuals, and can get online with great freedom with no hassle. Delivering spectacular utility and worth, the WLN3G works as six different products rolled into one.

As a hotspot, it could act as a cellular Wi-Fi link for a couple of products at no extra expense. While in 3G sharing mode, it offers internet connectivity for all products via the 3G system. This mode works in conjunction with a 3G USB adapter. The other four modes let your devices to have linked in various circumstances! In the accommodation In cordless Router mode, the WLN3G links to the modem through a network cable and stocks the cordless network.

At work In cordless network adapter mode, it may connect any Ethernet-enabled unit to your wireless house system because of the WLN3G. Hotel, Airport, and Coffee shop Wi-Fi service. With only 1 payment, you are able to share an invisible signal to all the other Wi-Fi devices at no extra expense.

Once the 3G Light-emitting Diode light transforms solid blue, that means a link is initiated. Learn more about updating new firmware. Modal header. Ultra-Portable with a Footprint Smaller Than a Credit Card Its footprint is smaller than a charge card, rendering it super easy to transport and virtually pocket size, however at the cost of functionality.

Ethernet Adapter mode In the office In cordless network adapter mode, it can connect any Ethernet-enabled unit for your wireless home system because of the WLN3G. Keep Up to Date! All specifications are susceptible to change with no warning. Please consult your supplier for exact supplies. Items may not be obtainable in all markets. Specs and features differ by model, and all pictures tend to be illustrative. Please make reference to requirements pages for complete details. PCB color and bundled software versions are susceptible to alter without notice.

Brand and item names mentioned are trademarks of the particular organizations. The particular transfer speed of USB 3. Actual data throughput and WiFi protection will change from network problems and environmental elements, including the number of network traffic, constructing material and building, and system overhead, cause reduced actual data throughput and cordless protection. Quoted system speeds and data transfer based on existing IEEE real overall performance can be affected by network and service provider factors, interface type, as well as other conditions.

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