Asus rog strix gl702vi.Asus ROG Strix GL702VI (i7-7700HQ, GTX 1080) Laptop Review

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Asus rog strix gl702vi


Connectivity.ROG Strix GLVI freezes at startup!


ASUS ROG Strix GLVI Gaming computer, 17″ Full HD, Intel Core iHQ Quad Core, GTX 8GB, G- Sync, 16GB DDR4 GB PCIe SSD 1TB HDD, Black Aluminum go to the ASUS shop away from 5 stars ratings/5(). Hard drive: 1TB rpm SATA HDD 1TB rpm SATA HDD 2TB rpm SATA HDD solid-state drive: GB/GB/GB SATA SSD Solid state drive: GB/GB PCIe® Gen3 x4 SSDCategory: Gaming-Series. The ASUS ROG GLVS video gaming laptop is equipped with a ” FHD x display that includes NVIDIA’s G-SYNC technology for tear-free gaming with a powerful NVIDIA GeForce GTX 8GB Graphics Card. This video gaming computer packs an Intel Core iHQ GHz (6M Cache, Turbo as much as GHz) additionally the 12GB DDR4 RAM keeps everything quick/5(95).


Asus rog strix gl702vi.Asus ROG Strix GLVI (iHQ, GTX ) Laptop Review – Reviews

The ASUS ROG GLVS gaming laptop comes with a ” FHD x display that features NVIDIA’s G-SYNC technology for tear-free video gaming with a powerful NVIDIA GeForce GTX 8GB Graphics Card. This video gaming pc packs an Intel Core iHQ GHz (6M Cache, Turbo as much as GHz) plus the 12GB DDR4 RAM keeps everything quick/5(95). Feb 16,  · The Asus ROG Strix GLVI is equipped with a four-zone, backlit keyboard (3 brightness levels + down) with chiclet-style secrets and visually different WASD secrets. Typing is normally pleasant with 84%. Sep 04,  · ROG Strix GLVI freezes at startup! Hi. We noticed this problem first time couple of weeks ago whenever i bought brand-new ROG Strix GLVI WB I discovered some post online which saying that windows fast start up can cause that problem. And so I switched it well. Problem disappeared, at least i thought it disappeared until it started freezing again yesterday and after this.

ROG Strix GL702VI freezes at startup!
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Asus’ ROG Strix number of gaming laptop computers targets the mainstream-to-premium section and extremely needs no more introduction. The Asus utilizes a variety of materials for any construction for the GLVI. While the human anatomy is composed of plastic, the back of the display is made from brushed metal with a hairline texture finish and adorned aided by the prominent chrome-colored Asus logo and two angled accent stripes, both of which begin glowing red when the laptop is switched on.

The plastic on the keyboard deck features the exact same texture because the top, whilst the bottom shell consists of much rougher plastic – good results in this instance, as hands will not slip easily whenever holding the machine.

Talking about holding: fingerprints tend to be a concern on both the lid and the deck, but getting rid of them is much less tedious then it is on various other laptop computers. Stability and quality are a mixed bag: while the chassis itself resists flex well with just minor creaking noises and functions tight tolerances, the show seems to be less well come up with with uneven gaps all over bezel.

The lid twists effortlessly and creaks audibly during the procedure; even moderate pressure on the right back leads to ripple impacts and discoloration at the start. The keyboard deck flexes noticeable as really – especially in the region amongst the primary area in addition to quantity pad – even though this should only affect really heavy-handed typists. Laptop computers such as the more expensive Alienware 17 R4 feature far better build quality along with soft-touch rubberized surfaces and upscale, higher-end materials.

The hinges tend to be rigid enough to keep the display in just about any position up to the maximum opening angle of about degrees with no apparent wobbling while typing. Moving the laptop around or prodding the panel will present jumping, but this is not expected to happen since a gaming laptop computer typically continues to be stationary from the user’s table.

So far as the styling goes, Asus certainly utilizes a more “in-your-face” approach here in comparison to the more subdued and understated Asus ROG Strix GLVD or the Razer Blade Pro , both of which might even make an appearance in a boardroom without raising eyebrows. Besides the aforementioned light-up logos and accent stripes, the warmth sinks tend to be bright red as well and visible when examining the equipment from the back.

For better or worse, it’s difficult to consider the GLVI and not immediately recognize its desired audience. Most readily useful Shows , for University Students. At first it really is quite obvious that the GLVI actually one of several new, svelte-looking gaming laptops – such as the astronomically pricey Razer Blade Pro – created for maximum thinness. From a footprint point of view, the notebook is actually not that big and it’s really maybe not nearly as deep as much competitors like the Alienware 17 R4 or the Acer Predator 17 X , however it is relatively dense at 37 mm.

On the other hand, laptop computers with desktop computer processors like the Schenker XMG U are larger in almost every measurement and heavier also. Our review laptop ideas the scale at 3. unnecessary to say that many users likely won’t be making use of the GLVI as his or her mobile companion, and so the added heft isn’t just detrimental. Given the actual size of this notebook, we’d phone the selection of physical ports sufficient – numerous contending gaming notebooks provide additional or upgrade, newer harbors.

Given the effective images card, that may probably keep most users delighted for some time in the future, we might’ve preferred it had Asus included a Thunderbolt 3 port also to produce one more measure of future preparedness.

Still, most people will find the interface choice adequate. All the harbors on Strix GL are on the left-hand side along with behind the mid-line, so right-handers at the least will not need to worry about cables stepping into just how of mouse operation. Note that the AC energy slot was relocated to the rear – good decision, since the connector is huge by any standard.

Just by the recorded and fairly middling rates, the card audience utilizes a USB 3. Most upper-class video gaming notebooks include Killer cordless cards combined with the celebrated Killer Control Center computer software package, enabling the user to configure the network card.

The pre-installed software includes the ROG Gaming Center, which allows the consumer to monitor system information like the heat and fan speed, Sonic Studio, that offers in-game sound cancellation, amount stabilization, in addition to Sonic Radar, which is expected to help identify opponents by showing the position of gunshots, footsteps, along with other sound-effects.

The colorful package offers the laptop, the W power adapter, a microfiber fabric, a couple of pamphlets, and an Asus-branded cable link. A complete of 10 Phillips screws have to be removed in prior to the base plate can be pried down, as there is no devoted upkeep hatch. Even though the inner hooks wthhold the dish very securely, a tool like a vintage bank card helps make the work less difficult and an extremely painless affair.

Battery pack is not hard to get into aswell should a replacement become required. Typing is generally pleasant with decent comments and a reasonably well-defined pressure point. According to Asus, the keys features scissor switches and 1. Keyboard clatter is very minimal and unobtrusive adequate even yet in very quiet surroundings.

Even as we pointed out early in the day, there’s some flex throughout the deck whenever stress is used together with smaller sized 12 mm keys during the specialized number block in specific feel maybe a smidgen gentler whenever depressed.

The backlight is customizable and may be modified across the four zones. Gaming aficionados might miss out the lack of committed macro secrets, however. We are additionally not an admirer for the location of the power switch, which is built-in during the purpose secret row regarding the far right next to the PgDn-button and thus easier than you think going to by accident.

Keep in mind that the Asus ROG Strix GLVD-DB74 features a more modern gaming-centric keyboard layout with a larger space bar on the remaining part and three of the four arrow keys sitting below the keyboard to enhance ergonomics while video gaming. The GLVD also offers four devoted buttons in the remaining over the purpose secret row – on the analysis laptop, these buttons are incorporated into the event secret row in addition to quantity pad, that leads to a much more cramped knowledge overall.

The clickpad utilizes Windows 10 precision drivers, steps about fingertips glide easily on the smooth area, although damp fingers tend to stick somewhat. Response is intermittent at the really left and correct sides; in addition, left and correct clicks tend to be sometimes translated as motion in the event that little finger is not perfectly nevertheless. The integrated left- and right-click buttons feature typical travel with good and audible, but hollow-sounding feedback. Right-clicking can certainly be achieved by making use of a two-finger hit.

As the touchpad might suffice for regular day-to-day tasks, we undoubtedly recommend the employment of an outside mouse for video gaming. Considering the fact that the GLVI is equipped with a high-end graphics card, we might’ve liked to see a 4K panel as an alternative. Asus doesn’t make any statements in terms of the brightness is worried, but based on our dimensions with the X-Rite spectrophotometer, on average the panel provides is under nits, that will be decent, but not great.

The comparison ratio of approximately normally very acceptable – many TN shows don’t perform almost as well. Although the refresh rate is fast at Hz, the black-white reaction time of about However, the overall working knowledge is silky-smooth and receptive.

The anti-glare finish only plays a part in an extremely small quantity of graininess, but unfortunately, our panel suffers from major backlight bleeding specifically within the lower left and top correct sides, which are often very disruptive when showing darker experiences while video gaming. While minor backlight bleeding is certainly not unusual after all with panels according to IPS technology, our specific instance is among the worst offenders we now have present in some time.

At this point, we cannot say if this affects most of the notebooks in this series our only our certain analysis sample. Color space coverage is good at 87 and 62 percent for the s RGB and AdobeRGB standards with most higher gaming notebooks not supplying a noticeably much better color gamut. The exclusion this is actually the Schenker XMG U , as its 4K panel plays in an alternative league altogether and does a much better work utilizing the expert shade rooms. Although we can’t suggest the GLVI for serious visual or movie modifying, occasional photo modifying is certainly not out of this question.

Our measurements with an X-Rite spectrophotometer program fairly accurate grayscale and color as transported. A fast calibration regrettably has actually a negligible result and colors in specific do not enhance after all. Blue becomes progressively incorrect at greater saturation amounts, however it’s hard to see the effect with all the naked-eye. If PWM had been detected, an average of bare minimum: 5 – optimum: Hz had been calculated. Although we cannot be certain what number of people actually venture outside using their gaming notebooks, outdoor exposure is nonetheless acceptable when you look at the shade and heavily overcast problems.

Although the brightness is higher than nits to overcome direct sunlight, it really is however surprising how good this big screen continues to be readable into the tone. Shiny panels are in a definite drawback, since are panels predicated on TN technology for their inferior contrast.

Viewing angle security normally quite good with no major color changes or darkening and superficial angles. People deciding on a Core iHQ processor can expect a performance decrease of approximately 30 %. Note though that the iHQ isn’t really a bottleneck while gaming, so the quicker and more costly CPUs made available from other makers may not really produce significant benefits.

Sustained overall performance is excellent: after a preliminary and extremely minor drop, the GLVI keeps going with no apparent degradation even to the end associated with Cinebench R15 loop test 50 iterations. For more information in regards to the Intel Core iHQ and additional benchmarks, please visit our committed processor page. System overall performance based on the PCMark benchmarks drops slightly behind comparably-equipped contending notebooks.

Application launches happen very quickly with no perceivable lag or any other problems. Booting the machine towards the Windows desktop computer is also exceedingly fast and takes less than 10 seconds.

The additional 2. Numerous contending notebooks additionally offer additional storage space bays, therefore users wanting the most in freedom should probably consider various other gaming laptops. Even as we’ll see within the tension test area below, Asus employs rather hostile thermal management, therefore the GPU hardly ever exceeds the moderate clock rates under load.

Because of this behavior, the GLVI outperforms laptop computers utilizing the GTX at a lesser level – the simple difference between the review notebook and systems utilizing the GTX is generally at or below 20 per cent according to the chosen standard. See our committed review from the GTX for lots more technical information. The video gaming overall performance employs fit because of the review laptop trailing various other GTXequipped notebooks by roughly the exact same margins as with the artificial benchmark examinations. The overall performance continues to be excellent though and should satisfy many users.

To determine throttling and potential security issues, we subject our review notebooks to unrealistically high lots using resources to induce CPU and GPU stress. Under Prime95 load, the Central Processing Unit cores stabilize at 3. similar can not be stated in regards to the fan RPMs: in the two . 5 minute mark, the followers reach a higher of RPM; a couple moments later, the speed has actually diminished to RPM. The followers then gradually start spooling up again and reach the RPM ceiling again before falling back off.

This cycle keeps repeating indefinitely. Interesting is that the temperatures don’t fluctuate much after all and usually stay around 81 C provide or take a couple levels at most of the. Numerous systems run in at the very least within the top degree range here – the Acer Predator 17X will push since large as 96 C with “Stage 2 Overclocking” applied – so Asus is very traditional in this regard. In the 5 moment mark, the fans get to RPM and a slow period begins – this time, the range is from to RPM.

Keep in mind that most competing notebooks maintain higher time clock prices when working the GPU anxiety test with just the Acer Predator 17 X performing in the same way once the review laptop. The fans get to their maximum speed recognized as “maximum” when you look at the ROG Gaming Center within just a few minutes, but just as before, a cycle ensues, although the scatter involving the top and reduced thresholds isn’t as pronounced as previously.

With the notebook disconnected through the mains, the GPU overall performance takes a critical hit: a 3DMark Fire hit run on batteries returns a Graphics ratings of points when compared with points, because the frame rate is now restricted to only 30 FPS.

We additionally subject the laptop to Witcher 3 load, as it’s a much better representation of real-world video gaming anxiety. Here, the GPU reveals obvious variations in performance with frame rates mainly ranging from 64 to 73 FPS as seen in the graph below.

The wide selection grates in the nerves, even though the increase and decrease cycles happen over the course of several moments as they are hence maybe not nearly because annoying as a pulsating fan system would be. Asus should definitely have the ability to fix this behavior with a firmware upgrade. Once we’ve stated earlier, the GLVI increases and reduces the speed of the two 12 V air conditioning fans during the period of a few minutes at greater load levels – and that even if a continuing load is applied.

Whilst the system continues to be peaceful at only 31 dB when idling in the desktop computer – the Alienware 17 R4 achieves 36 dB here – optimum load results in an admirer noise of between 52 and 57 dB. The exact same is additionally real during our Witcher 3 test: right here, the machine varies between