Alienware 13 gtx 860m.Dell Alienware 13 Notebook Review

  Alienware 13 gtx 860m                                                                         Connectivity.Dell Alienware 13 Notebook Review – Reviews   CoreTM iU (Dual Core 3MB Cache, […]


Alienware 13 gtx 860m


Connectivity.Dell Alienware 13 Notebook Review – Reviews


CoreTM iU (Dual Core 3MB Cache, as much as GHz w/Turbo Boost) Operating System Windows? 64bit Memory 8GB DDR3L at MHz movie Card Nvidia GeForce GTX M 2GB DDR5 Display 13 inch FHD (x) Anti-Glare complex Drive GB M.2 SDD Optical Drive None energy High Capacity 4-cell Lithium Ion Camera FHD mp Camera with dual digital microphones Wireless Killer . Mar 06,  · RE: Alienware 13 missing gtx m Uninstall the Nvidia drivers making use of DDU and put in the motorists (available in the Graphics Amplifier FAQ on Alienware Arena, web page 6). Oct 18,  · nVIDIA GeForce GTX M/M/M/M/M Drive This bundle supplies the driver for nVIDIA GeForce GTX M/M/M/M/M is supported on Alienware 13/15/17 which can be operating following Windows os: Windows 10 obtain the latest driver Please enter your product details to see the most recent driver information for your system.


Alienware 13 gtx 860m.Solved: Alienware 13 lacking gtx m – Dell Community

this item alienware 13 alw13e hd ( x )~gtx m 2gb ddr5~8gb ram~g hdd Alienware New M15 Gaming Laptop, ” hz FHD show, Intel Core iH, NVIDIA RTX 6GB, GB SSD, 16GB RAM, AWYABLK-PUS5/5(5). Model: NVIDIA GeForce GTX M, GDDR5 2GB Memory, MXM B type. Supports Windows 7/ 8/ Best choice to upgrade or change the old card in Dell Alienware, MSI, and Cleve video gaming laptop computers. If you’re unsure about the compatibility, please contact us before ordering/5(2). Alienware suitable for 13 ANW13 Inch HD Gaming computer, 4th Gen Intel Core iU as much as GHz, 16GB Memory, 1TB hard disk, 2GB GeForce GTX M Graphics, Windows go to the Alienware shop 1 rating3/5(1).
Alienware 13 (GTX 960M) Notebook Review
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Alienware 13 (GTX M) Notebook Review – Reviews

For any initial German review, see here. We previously tested the Alienware 13 around half a year ago. Right now Alienware is offering the Core iU Broadwell architecture, 2. Best shows , for University Students.

Since the Alienware 13 is nigh identical to our test model in many ways, we will skip a few sections: the chassis, the connection, the feedback devices and the audio system.

For more information on these topics, we refer you to the breakdown of the Alienware 13 from just last year. Hint: the pictures under have already been obtained from the previous review as a result of aforementioned similarities. Despite being the same FHD panel of just last year, the values are slightly various.

Nevertheless, its normal to see such tiny deviations in quality, also for supposedly identical panels. The panel now offers outstanding black value of 0. in contrast to many rivals, our test model has actually a lot fewer deviations from the ideal color worth. After a calibration, the panel offers extremely precise grayscale, RGB balance and saturation. The sRGB color spectrum is almost totally included in the inches screen. Instead, we feel it puts firmly when you look at the middle-class.

Of course, the most important change could be the processor. The Intel Core iU of just last year is one of the Haswell generation and achieved no more than 2. Our test design comes with the Core iU , that may achieve as much as 3. moreover, Intel in addition has upgraded the L3 cache. For instance, while doing everyday jobs, such word editing or surfing the web, the IGP is in control, but as soon as you start a game, the dedicated Nvidia GPU will activate.

Both processors have a TDP value of 15 W. luckily, the Central Processing Unit does not display an erratic clock speed behavior. When you look at the Cinebench R nonetheless at full-load, that will never happen during everyday use not when winning contests , the processor throttles down.

The CPU benchmarks leave us with mixed feelings. The weak processor of our test design does demonstrably less than your competition in system tests. Fortunately, the reduced overall performance is certainly not noticeable in everyday use.

Sadly, the test setup cannot perform as well within the sequential write test. The PM works really with compact 4K data, which are generally present in daily usage. The access times during the 0. The user must not expect huge overall performance increases given that other countries in the specifications have remained equivalent.

In our benchmarks, the Alienware 13 needed to take on various other 13 and inch gaming notebooks. Assassin’s Creed Unity will not operate fluidly at maximum or high details with the local resolution of x pixels. For a good fps, the quality needs to be paid down to x pixels and settings have to be dropped to method. Regrettably, as shown in the gaming benchmarks, the processor is the bottleneck of the system. These acute cases used reduced to moderate settings, which are unusual and unpopular on middle-class or high-end gaming laptop computers.

The optional images amp, also called Amplifier by Dell, is an attribute we reviewed this past year. As opposed to the MSI GS30 , which uses an equivalent system, the inches test model doesn’t have become put on the dock and certainly will be merely connected using a cable. But, as stated before, the dual-core CPU of your test model may be the major bottleneck. Unfortunately, we don’t see any sense in having an amplifier in the event that equipment isn’t strong adequate to fit it.

The Alienware 15 , that also provides an amp, suffers less, thanks mainly to a stronger, quad-core CPU. Despite a conservative dual-core CPU, the followers are clearly audible at load. While idling, the notebook seems great: even when starting a browser or MS Office programs, the fans don’t start up. At 29 dB A , the device can be peaceful as a mouse. Various other gaming notebooks should study from this test design. The conditions of your test model are higher because of the upgraded processor.

While idling, the laptop computer doesn’t have heat dilemmas. Rather than 5. In the 1st scene of 3DMark 06, the typical usage rises from throughout the tension test, our laptop consumes a maximum of W in place of battery pack life of a maximum of 11 hours Battery Eater Reader’s test, minimum brightness isn’t bad. At high load and complete brightness, the power Eater Vintage test records a run time of around 2 hours. Overdue, however perhaps not game-changing: the equipment improvement for any Alienware 13 is unfortunately maybe not what we were dreaming about.

Even though the Core iU is superior to the Core iU more often than not, it cannot take on gaming notebooks loaded with a quad-core processor. Although the laptop is quite lightweight, it will not be the first choice for passionate gamers, due to the poor Core iU.

Overall, the decision is quite much like that of a year ago. Alienware draws purchasers with a fashionable, top quality case, a backlit keyboard and an IPS panel with powerful comparison. We give additional things for high battery life. However, the touchpad and sound system need some work. Dell provides updated components for any Alienware Broadwell Gaming Laptop Windows.

Intel Core iU 2 x 2. Speakers: 2. Alienware website Alienware notebook area. Note: the maker could use elements from different companies including display panels, drives or memory sticks with similar specs.

CalMAN: Grayscale. CalMAN: Grayscale calibrated. Alienware 13 versus. Outside usage. Viewing angles. Single-Core Rendering. Multi-Core Rendering. Cinebench R Cinebench R15 Cinebench R Program Performance. PCMark 7 Score. Space Device. CrystalDiskMark 3.

Sequential Write: AS SSD. Sequential Read: Access Time Read: 0. Access Time Write: 0. Score Read: Points. Score Write: Points. Score Total: Points. Graphics Card. Gaming Performance. Graphics Amplifier. GeForce GTX Sound Level Idle. Stress test. Power Supply max. Energy Management. Secret: min: , med: , maximum: Voltcraft VC Currently we make use of the Metrahit Energy, a professional single-phase power quality and energy dimension digital multimeter, for our measurements.

Discover more about it right here. All of our test practices is available right here. Power Lifetime. Disadvantages – high-temperature and sound emissions in 3D mode. Alienware