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Apr 10,  · determine your Acer product and we will offer downloads, assistance articles and other online assistance sources which can help you get the maximum benefit out of your Acer item. Get Active Support. Register an item. Signup Sign In Help; Drivers and Manuals. Menu. Acer . Jul 21,  · The Acer Aspire V is driven by the Sandy Bridge Intel Pentium dual-core ULV (ultra-low-voltage) processor. The processor’s especially reduced functional current results in reduced energy 78percent. Jun 24,  · a quick help guide to changing the disk drive and memory in an Acer Aspire V5 laptop computer.


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Acer Aspire V Pdf Consumer Manuals. View online or install Acer Aspire V provider handbook. Jun 24,  · a brief help guide to replacing the disk drive and memory in an Acer Aspire V5 laptop computer. Acer Aspire V – ” – Pentium – 4 GB RAM – GB HDD overview and full product specifications on CNET.
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The theory behind the complete show is to supply customers with a type of low-priced ultrabook-style notebooks without having to meet the actual ultrabook specification. The Aspire V5 series notebooks come with screen sizes of 14, In this article, we review the Acer Aspire V that comes with the equipment one might expect from a Our test sample uses the silver shade scheme and has a tremendously reasonable millimeter 0.

We found the laptop comfortable to tote around and noted that the device is a bit wider and longer than other The Aspire V is manufactured entirely of plastic. While lacking frills and ornaments, the situation surface is nevertheless smooth. The Aspire V demonstrably shows design elements that resemble those of Apple and might interest Apple consumers, specifically because of the silver shade.

But, the replica drops short and also the plastic employed for the situation appears really cheap. We think the black colored design makes a slightly better effect with regards to quality and appearance.

The truth makes an extremely rigid effect and will not flex or bend significantly under some pressure. The region above the optical drive tended to produce a little more during our evaluating, a standard weakness in notebooks. As the spaces aren’t always also, the workmanship is reasonable for any price. The ultra-slim design leads to a display lid that appears very thin, but this thinness comes at the price of stability.

In contrast, the similar Aspire VG seemingly have an even more solid top as these issues failed to happen during our evaluating of that model. When the show top is opened beyond 90 levels, the extra weight distribution changes and the base unit not rests stably given that front remaining rubber foot hovers about one centimeter over the work area.

The slim design for the Aspire V got its cost on connection but Acer nonetheless were able to feature almost all of the essential interfaces. For any Aspire V, Acer includes all typical communications options. The notebook also includes a Bluetooth 4. Wired system connectivity is supported by the Realtek Gigabit Ethernet component through the included dongle connector. Skype users will likely value the 1. The laptop includes a 65 Watt power-supply this is certainly roughly the size of a box of 24 crayons and has measurements 9.

The included 4-cell lithium ion electric battery has a ranked capability of mAh. The notebook doesn’t include a Windows 7 DVD for reinstallation, nor does it put a recovery partition for system restoration. Instead, Acer includes a pre-installed protection device that allows the creation of a Windows 7 installation picture that ought to permit system data recovery. For people who own the Acer V, we wish to point out we has an upcoming report article on how best to get a full version DVD of Windows 7.

Regarding computer software, Acer provides several might anticipate from such a spending plan laptop. Cyberlink MediaEspresso is also installed to serve as a video clip, image, and music converter, enabling news to be utilized on smartphones, pills, and online game systems.

As well, Microsoft Office Starter Edition is roofed. Beyond these, Acer includes a few of its small programs and resources. But, accessibility the other components is very restricted.

You’re able to access the Wi-Fi component by removing the keyboard but doing this just enables the consumer to always check the antenna cables once the component itself can only be eliminated through additional disassembly.

The hard disk drive can not be accessed after all without removing the entire upper layer of the base product. The Aspire V includes a month carry-in guarantee. The keyboard makes use of 15 x 15 mm 0. The black colored synthetic employed for these secrets will not communicate an excellent impression although the workmanship and fit are perfect. We found one of the keys drop is extremely brief while the swing just sufficient. Typing from the keyboard is easily manageable but could also be considerably crisper. As a result, this author would prefer not to utilize the keyboard for typing longer texts.

The Aspire V makes use of a The ClickPad looks like a normal touchpad but does not have independent mouse buttons. The entire ClickPad is clickable and when the low an element of the pad is clicked, it results in either a left or right mouse click based on in which the little finger lies. Too, when pressing on the pad within the lower location, it tended to clatter.

Having said that, we found that gliding on the pad had been effortless despite its slightly roughened texture.

We additionally unearthed that the pad was not hypersensitive and accidental presses didn’t register during our testing. The entire pad aids multi-touch motions and procedures such as two-finger zoom. Drag and drop worked perfectly. No other display choices are available. Inside our assessment, we discovered the comparison and black colored value acceptable for the cost but the total screen lacked brilliance.

We noticed a rather limited shade area. Although this is not necessary for regular users, this might be an important aspect for professional photos developers and picture editors. Neither the V nor the VG were designed for these image-intensive areas and clearly cannot fulfill their demands. Also, the unit is ineffective for working in the open air.

Deviating from head-on watching in the straight axis quickly causes picture distortion. Into the horizontal axis, the picture stays much more stable. These results are unsurprising for a laptop in this price range. The Acer Aspire V features equipment suitable for typical programs such as for instance internet surfing, mailing, internet based chatting, watching DVDs, and term processing. Those seeking a more effective laptop might want to take a look at the Acer Aspire VG. For anyone searching for an inferior package but maintaining the hardware of the Aspire V, the inch Aspire V may be an appealing alternative.

With a 1. As a result, the 1. Within our evaluating, we found the Cinebench results meet expectation. The Core i5 processor delivers a Cinebench performance this is certainly two to four times better. Within our examinations, applications were sluggish to open and Windows 7 itself demonstrated a slow, much longer startup.

The 2. We measured a typical data transfer price of but, the This was clearly noticeable in the shape of minor delays when starting programs. While Intel does not provide an even more comprehensive information, we now have determined that this visuals option would be in line with the Intel HD Graphics chip and is also therefore the weakest performing layouts option available from Intel.

However, the device is effective at making HD movie using computer software rendering wherein the processor does the task. We tested this by rendering a Full HD x video encoded using H.

The processor had been effective at rendering the movie at 75 % load, and an identical outcome had been discovered whenever playing back YouTube videos at a Full HD resolution. We additionally experienced problems in 3DMark Vantage where in fact the benchmark always aborted prior to conclusion, displaying an error message indicating missing DirectX features.

Because of this, we have been not able to provide benchmark outcomes for this images chip. These permit the VG to play a few present games even at high-quality configurations. As mentioned, the Acer Aspire V just isn’t a notebook created for playing computer games. For that, you need to turn to the similarly prepared yet much more powerful Acer Aspire VG. The Aspire V did not achieve adequate frame prices in any of our tested games, even in the cheapest feasible settings.

The Acer Aspire V scarcely created any noise inside our knowledge. The lover didn’t run continuously and also when running, it was practically inaudible. The actual only real time the notebook yielded a clearly audible sound degree ended up being during load. The hard disk has also been practically inaudible and, while accessing information, remained less noisy compared to the fan even though operating in the lowest lover speed. The idle heat had been usually below 30 degrees Celsius 86 degrees Fahrenheit generally in most locations. The only spot that surpassed this temperature had been the wrist remainder that was however pleasant to touch.

During full-load within our anxiety test, the temperature surpassed 30 degrees Celsius 86 levels Fahrenheit at most of your measurement points as well as 2 locations surpassed 40 degrees Celsius degrees Fahrenheit.

Nevertheless, the temperatures remained within a suitable range even in this scenario and allowed for a nice doing work environment even though this represents an extreme instance and may never be anticipated during normal use. Lap-top usage is possible during routine office work.

Surprisingly, we discovered the sound knowledge is reasonable. Speech was clear but had a tendency to have a slightly tinny noise. This was perhaps not disturbing and there are seriously even worse notebook speakers. For our sample Aspire V, we measured a maximum power use of As a result, the included 65 Watt power supply could very nearly be called oversized while the V is fairly energy-efficient.

To simulate idle procedure, we set the display screen to its minimum brightness, enabled the energy-saving profile, and disabled all wireless segments. In this situation, the Aspire V lasted for 5 hours 9 moments.

Determine a lot situation, we used battery pack Eater Timeless Test with maximum display screen brightness, the superior profile, and all wireless modules enabled.

The Aspire V was able a runtime of just one time 36 moments in this test. We measured a runtime of 3 hours 24 mins in this test. While you’re watching a DVD, the notebook managed a significantly faster runtime of 2 hours 39 minutes. This really is for enough time for an individual long film or two instead brief ones.